System and Mobile App

We were ecstatic to launch Doktorijum this year, after working on the development for the past year. Doktorijum application and system were designed to simplify scheduling doctor appointments and finding doctor offices to go to. Doktorijum is made of two parts: the system for the doctor offices and the mobile application for patients.
Doktorijum system for doctor offices allows creating appointment slots, keeping secure electronic medical records (following GDPR) and uploading the results. The key benefit of the system are patient electronic records that are cross-offices, meaning that the doctors can have insight in the full medical history of their patient. Another benefit of the system is that it can be accessed from any device.

Doktorijum Mobile Application

The second part of the system is the free Doktorijum mobile application that is available both for iOS and Android. The application contains an algorithm that leads users through several questions based on which the app can make a suggestion for a specific doctor specialisation.
After choosing the specialisation, the user is taken to a screen with a calendar and a list of doctor offices with available appointments. The application was developed as a hybrid application, using Ionic.
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BNT Call Centar Application

Call Centar Application BNT

Call Center Web App

In 2014, BNT company hired us to develop an application for their call center that can be used on both desktop and tablet devices. BNT’s 50 operators work every day on contacting VIP Mobile Network users to inform them about new network offers. The system is used for call records, scheduling contract signage, and assigning customer visits to field workers to deliver the contracts for signing. Signed contracts are later archived in the system.
In the last four years, with operators working every day, the BNT database has grown to a million and a half contacts, and over 7 million calls were made. We succeeded in developing the precise scheduling for the tech services, that resulted in the increase of efficiency and reduction of time spent on each task. The system has 24/7 uptime, with customer support provided.