Shamliza Webshop

Webshop Shamliza

Clean web design to experience unique furniture

Shamliza Showroom is our client that needed web design and development for a webshop. Since they are one of the leading galleries in Belgrade, offering unique high-quality furniture and the possibility of restoration of old ones, they wanted to establish their presence on the internet by making a webshop to better advertise their products. We talked with our friends from Shamliza about their goals and took action to increase their brand awareness and drive sales to their new website. Our team did a responsive, multilingual site that has a sleek web design and a nice and a little bit retro online store.
The website has a simple design with a home page that contains the latest news and a custom map that shows their location and info how to get there. Promo campaigns and other important information are shown through a popup and an area that shows premium offers and Instagram posts that take you directly to their profile page. Particular attention was paid to the manner in which Shamliza’s products should be presented, so we implemented animations that made viewing products more interesting. A couple of photo sessions were done of their exhibition space, and those photos were used in the homepage slider. We took photos of the furniture as well, that were used throughout the website. When everything concerning web development and design was finished, the final step of the project was focused on marketing and establishment of Shamliza’s presence on various social networks.